Art Gallery

The Black Gryphon Art Gallery presents illuminated manuscripts, illustration and photography. All  the pieces of art are original and created by contemporary artists.


In this section we placed together illuminated manuscripts pages and simple illuminated letters inspired by old masterpieces in various styles: Celtic, Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantin, and especially from Romanian medieval style dated in the 15th - 18th century.
The main themes are from Theology, Alchemy and Heraldry.
The pieces of art are original miniatures, created by contemporary artists in tempera and ink on painting cardboard.
The pieces will be sell without copyright, the copyright being owned only by the author. In case of desiring to buy the copyright, a copyright contract is needed.

Gothic Style

Romanesque Style

Byzantine Style

Mixt Style

Book illustration with autograph

Original illustrations, with autograph, from children books which have already been published by authors, at various publishing houses. The illustrations will be delivered already framed.

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Photos realized by Oana Stoica and Dionis Spataru.

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Fairy and Re-enactment