Ildi Ogasawara: illuminated manuscripts

Ildi Ogasawara participated with her works in many international competitions and exhibitions in Moscow, Russia, in Tournai, Belgium, or Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France. At the National Calligraphy Contest, in Romania, in 2016, she received the Excellence Award!

Below, we give a few biographical data points which Ildi had the kindness to offer us:

“The art of illuminated manuscripts is one of the most beautiful genres of art.
I was eleven years old, when my father started to tell me about calligraphy, about the Corvinus family, the library of king Matthias Corvinus; in our house, books and reading were held in great regard, my father having more than 4600 books. King Matthias was credited with one of the largest libraries in Europe, in the 15th century; all the books were handwritten and many of the codices were decorated with wonderful illuminated manuscripts.
I always wished I would one day be able to write in that way. For a period of three years, in high school, I was tutored in this art by the painter Miklossy Gabor, then I learned from books, the internet and from a Japanese teacher.
My choice is the art of manuscripts, including miniatures and calligraphy. I like the old style of great masters as Carlo Crivelli, Jan van Eyck and Gerolamo da Cremona, who is my favorite.
Since 2003 I’m living in Japan and I am married to a Japanese man, living another fulfilled dream.”
For all the article, please see the Black Gryphon Magazine, 2nd issue.

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