Children’s book illustrations – „To hibernate or not to hibernate”

Book Review: „To hibernate or Not to Hibernate” by Dionis Spataru

The well known Shakespearian dilemma is sensibly reasoned in a unique context, in the new children’s book illustrations of Dionis Spataru, storyteller and illustrator.
“To Hibernate or Not to Hibernate” answers the question why several animals hibernate during the winter. The story unfolds in a forest, with protagonists from the animal world. A few darling characters attempt to overcome their physical condition and the personified laws of nature in order to fulfill their aspirations. As it happens, seemingly hopeless situations sometimes have unexpected turns of events.
The heroes’ humor grabs our attention and guides us into an atmosphere, in some way lost, of olden winters.
Dionis Spataru illustrates the animal world in an entertaining way, inspiring upright values that develop and strengthen the personality of our children. The perseverance to fulfill your dreams through self-improvement, no matter the difficulties you encounter or what your weaknesses are, and the importance of friendship are the main themes of the book.
The children will cheer for their favorite character: The Handsome, Meteo, The Thread and Spike, all the while understanding the importance of following your dreams and the beauty of friendship.
Movie fans will perhaps discover, much to their delight, that a few phrases from “Casablanca” found their way into the party of the winter solstice. The book is entertaining for parents as well, and a dialogue between them and their children is encouraged.
The handmade paintings are realized in ink and crayons, and the animal characters design is faithful to their natural appearance as much as possible. For more details, download the BG Magazine here.

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