Book Review: The Meadow of the Ants by Dionis Spataru

A new book release from Black Gryphon Publishing for your permanent library, remarkable through its concept, letterpress and illustrations.
Dionis Spataru, the author and illustrator of the book, had the courage and prerequisite passion to accomplish a great project, writing a text that is untouched by superficiality, a characteristic that is routinely promoted by today’s publishing industry.
But let’s listen to what the storyteller himself has to say:
„I believe that the role of the children’s book illustration is to create a magic world alternative to the everyday reality, to make the child believe and the adult hope that in another space there is a better and more beautiful realm. The illustration for a children’s book is addressed firstly to the heart, and like any art, it shapes the soul, even if it seems that it is only playing with us.
As a storyteller and illustrator, I conceived this book as a Gothic illuminated manuscript, this form of design seeming to me suited for the context of the action. The illustrations support and complement the text.
The story is a mix of satire, adventure, fantasy, some philosophy and romance, all brightened by humor.”
The book contains well-drawn characters, strong, with remarkable qualities and spiritual ideals. A love story with a happy end provides a surprising twist for the book.
The book is addressed to readers of all ages, being accessible to children of at least 9 years old. Its philosophical and satirical dimensions will appeal mainly to adults, while the fantastic and adventurous storyline will prove charming to all children.
“The Meadow of the Ants” from the Black Gryphon Publishing is a classic in the making, destined for the permanent library.

For illustrations, please see the Black Gryphon Magazine, the 2nd issue. 

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