The Artistic Weaving: Tradition and Contemporaneousness

Raised in a family that earned their living from the weaving of rugs, Maria Mihalachi had the chance to learn this craft from childhood.

To make the fabrics they use turcana sheep wool from the Neamt area, with long, thick and rough fibers, which doesn’t felt up when washing, so it is very suitable for carpets and rugs. But until we get to the fabrics themselves, there are several important stages to go through.
Shearing the sheep is the first operation in a suite that ends with the wool transformation into fabric. In our case, this usually takes place at the end of May, when it is warmer outside and there is no risk that the sheep could suffer from cold on the cooler nights. First, they cut the wool from the head, the abdomen, the legs and the tail, wool which is usually not used because it has very short, inferior quality fibers, the so-called “tusinaturi”, that are discarded, and then the proper shearing is conducted, and so the highest quality wool is obtained. It is then sorted by color and any mechanical impurities are removed before it is prepared to be washed. The sorting is especially important in obtaining natural wool color shades that will be used without adding any dye.

For all the article, please see the Black Gryphon Magazine, the 2nd issue.

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